Looking for a First-Class Business Consultant?


Skill Supplementation / Temporary Management

Not everyone is an expert negotiator, or a top-notch sales manager/trainer, or any one of a number of specialized skills. You can’t be good at everything. Fortunately, you don’t have to be. At CBSG we have people that have these skills and they can seamlessly step into your organization to get a task done – and then leave until needed again. Having expertise like this on tap can fill in the gaps affordably at just the right time to give you the best chance of success.

Business Consulting

We consult businesses at all stages of development. Are you a new entrepreneur? Spending a small sum of money to find out if your idea is a “go” or a “no go BEFORE you quit your job and drop your life savings into it is money well spent. Is your business an established business that needs to know how to beat the competition, run the operations most effectively, and/or branch into new markets? CBSG has a consultant that has “been there and done that.”

Marketing and Advertising

For businesses today, marketing and advertising occurs both online and offline. The potential for success is great but the mechanics can be complicated and confusing. Don’t worry, at CBSG we know just what to do. Be it an online marketing campaign, and/or social media campaign, we can handle it. When it comes to the offline world, we can design and set up a program and make sure it’s tied in effectively to your online efforts. You just tell us what you want to accomplish and we do the rest, affordably.

Website Design and Implementation

From turn-key websites to custom designs, we can make the creation and implementation of your online presence a breeze. The websites we create are designed to work for both desktop and mobile applications.

Application Development

We can develop custom software applications to make your processes more efficient. This saves your business money and allows your business to grow. Using RAD (Rapid Application Development) platforms, we can make this cost effective for even small businesses.

Internet Security

Internet Security is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. We protect your network from hackers, conduct security audits, and train your employees to keep your business safe online.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.